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BesTek Installs, LLC offers state-of-the-art Burglar and Fire Alarm monitoring service’s allowing us to customize your account to best fit your security needs.  If you currently have a pre-existing system that is in working condition, we most likely can use your equipment with no initial setup fees.  BesTek can support most alarm panels on the market and would just need to inspect your system free of charge.  If you are currently being monitored by another Central Station, they may require a thirty (30) day cancellation notice and then BesTek can take over your monitoring services 3-5 days prior to the ending date of your current provider.


If you do not currently have a system at your location, Our Company installs turnkey DSC Security systems and there will be a one (1) time charge for the equipment and installation.  You will own the system and receive a one (1) year warranty for all equipment, sixty (60) warranty for the installation.  DSC Security Systems is the most User-Friendly system out today and can support many devices.  For product review, you can go to DSC’s Website at  Installation and equipment cost vary depending on how many devices you will need.  If you would like to receive a Security Estimate, please contact us to schedule for a certified alarm technician to meet at your Business/Residence.

Remote video
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Watch your business from anywhere in the world!

Thanks to new technology, DVR (Digital Video Recording) can be a cost effective  solution for your state of the art surveillance needs. Turn a computer into a professional grade security system. Remote access is available to view real-time streaming video or images from any computer. You can also print still frames from the recorded images! Access your video security cameras remotely anywhere in the world from a computer! Call today  to learn more!


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